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Individual Major Medical

Individual major medical insurance is designed for those individuals who do not have medical coverage under an Employer Group Benefits plan.

These individuals typically include:

  • the self-employed.
  • employees of small firms that don’t offer medical insurance.
  • people between jobs.
  • young adults moving off their parents’ policies.
  • widowed or divorced people who have lost their spouse’s group coverage.
  • people who no longer have coverage under a continuance plan.
  • people who retire early and are not old enough for Medicare.

medicalNo one plans to have an unexpected illness or accident. Without insurance, a serious illness or accident can have a devastating financial impact not only to the ill/injured person, but to their family as well.

When applying for individual coverage, you may be asked questions about health conditions you have now or have had in the past. Depending on your health status, insurers might refuse to sell you coverage or offer to sell you a policy that has special limitations on what it covers.

Just because you have been denied coverage from one company does not necessarily mean you will be denied coverage under all plans. If you are turned down, or offered a policy with reductions or restrictions, you may be eligible for coverage under a state-sponsored plan.

Your insurance broker can help you determine the best course of action. Coverage can provide a complete package of medical benefits, with 24-hour availability.


Contact-Insurance-Look-for-questions-about-health-insurancePlan Features

  • Doctor office visits
  • In/Out patient hospitalization
  • Laboratory and X-ray testing
  • Surgery
  • Choice of deductible and coinsurance levels


The above reflects a brief summary of the plan features available in the above program. Please refer to the full product description for complete details and plan imitations. Information provided here is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any obligation on the part of InsuranceLook.com. Individual policies may vary please consult with your broker about individual policies.

Health Insurance

Major Medical

Protects you or your group from having to pay too much money for health care services.


    Life Insurance

    A financial resource for your loved ones in the event of your death.

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Travel Insurance

Protect yourself from health and travel interruption or cancellations.

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