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Long Term Care

Long term care (LTC) insurance is not something we ever want to think we will need. The truth is, 60% of those reaching age 65 will need some form of LTC benefit. In fact one-third of those currently receiving LTC benefits are under age 65.

long-term-care-chicago-il-insurance-lookWhen you purchase LTC coverage at a lower age, you will pay a lower premium, and overall you will most likely pay far less in total premium outlay. Most importantly, you will avoid the risk that you won’t qualify later, after a condition has developed.

If you are not prepared, at the very least you run the risk of no longer being able to live in your own home living independently. Additionally, you could lose your home, personal assets and quality of life.

LTC insurance is an extremely complicated product with multiple coverage levels and benefits. There can be, literally, hundreds and possibly thousands of different combinations and premiums.

Consumers should only purchase this product after finding a specialist agent whom they feel comfortable working with. The most popular policies are stand-alone, comprehensive coverage policies, which provide various levels of assisted living, most often at home.

If you request a quote, a specialist will contact you to discuss your individual circumstances, objectives, and solutions.


Plan Features

  • Long-Term-Care-in-Chicago-Insurance-LookSkilled services
  • Home health aides
  • Equipment & home modifications
  • Inflation protection
  • Nursing home residence

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